Who are we? We are Union.

"We are" Union

Our team of dedicated professionals are proud members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union. We have been a union shop for over 16 years. We understand the value of providing union made apparel and union services to our customers. It's important to you, it's important to your membership.

"We are" Union by Design

Our in-house design team does more than just create custom artwork to embellish your apparel, we also create custom apparel to meet your specific needs. If you're targeting a look for a labour day, picnic, golf or other event we will work with you to design the outfit to set your membership or guests apart. Whether you know specifically what you're looking for or have themes or general ideas we'll work with you to produce designs that your membership will be proud to wear!! We're not simply a 'job-shop', we partner with you to produce value in the design and purchase process.

"We are" Authentic Union

Ugh!! Sad this even has to be addressed but our experience is that there are a number of competitors promoting 'Union', 'Canadian' or 'USA' made product and it JUST ISN'T TRUE. Your members deserve to be treated with decency and respect. They should trust that the product label of the product they receive or purchase from their union hall is true to the material in the product and the labour that was used to produce it. We design and sell Union Made product and where we can't provide Union Made we deliver a Canadian or USA made product.

"We are" Union Partnership

Our experience has been that many union organizations that purchase product wholesale are often left with huge quantities or boxes of unused or unsold product. We make it our business that your members 'want' the product we deliver to you. The product we design and produce for you 'moves' so the boxes our product is shipped in are discarded in the blue box not stuffed in a storage closet 'half-full' of unwanted 'goods'. We view this as our partnership with you. We are not interested in being a vendor working to sell you as much as we can. We are interested in providing your membership product that they're proud to wear. Our customers tell us repeatedly that they repurchase products we've designed for them because they sold out of the first batch they purchased. When we hear this, we know we're fulfilling our part of the partnership with you our partner.

"We are" No Risk Custom Union Apparel Solutions

Ask us about this? For union halls that are open to new ways of promoting their local by providing custom apparel to their membership we have some unique ways of doing this with no cost or risk to your members. Give us a call to discuss! I'd love to tell you about how we're working with some of our largest customers taking the hassle and risk out of providing their membership cool new apparel designs that change seasonally.