Caring For Your Apparel
WE THOUGHT WE KNEW ABOUT CARING FOR CLOTHES, THEN WE HEARD ABOUT THIS! Custom screen-printed or embroidered clothing is a special thing. Usually, these articles are from a limited production run and are rare by nature. Also, if you think back to some of the favorite clothing in your life, some pieces will certainly have been custom screen-printed or embroidered. And that makes sense. Generally these pieces mark an era in your life or an as
10 Things You Did Not Know About The Lowly T-Shirt
It is in New York in the early 1900’s that you would have found the pre-cursor of today’s ubiquitous T-Shirt. Originally you would have seen that it buttoned up in the front like the top part of one-piece Long Johns known as a “Union Suit”. The word T-shirt was first recorded in print in 1920, in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s début novel, “This Side of Paradise” In 1938, about the time that nylon became p
The Hoodie: Inside, Out.
I JUST WEAR IT TO KEEP MY HEAD WARM… NOW STICK ‘EM UP! Today we associate the hoodie with music genres like punk and hip-hop and with skater or surfer culture. As an article of clothing it is practical and in some climates essential. The modern incarnation of the hoodie was first marketed to warehouse and outdoor workers in Upstate New York. Champion products claims to have made that first hooded sweatshirt in the ea
The Made In China Problem
DO YOU CHAFE BECAUSE YOU ARE WEARING MADE-IN-CHINA UNDERWEAR? Lately, we have been more active on social media than we have been in the past. We are doing it not to promote so much as to engage. We are engaging ourselves. We post and blog, but we also read other peoples posts and blogs for information and ideas. We follow clients and competitors and all in all we enjoy the give-and-take of our social media platforms. Anyone familiar with
If you don't create the culture you want, you get the culture you get.
We like to post on Social Media. Recently we asked our followers to pick from two different logo designs and tell us which one they like better. Some liked “A” and some liked “B” and that was well and fine, but one comment came up that made us think. "I like “A” but skulls and crossbones aren’t really who we are." The design got many votes. It has bright orange colours a bold picture and is
15 Of Our Favourite Clothing Labels
Sometimes there is more on that label than just washing instructions. Look what we found. While researching a blog post on mandatory labelling regulations we came across these fun (and sometimes dumb) clothing labels that we thought you would enjoy.  #1 IS THAT LOST IN TRANSLATION OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING? #2 ALWAYS GOOD ADVICE #3 ALSO GOOD ADVICE, BUT DO WE REALLY NEED TO BE REMINDED? #4 REALLY?!? FIVE LINES OF TEXT AND NOT ONE I