We like to post on Social Media.

Recently we asked our followers to pick from two different logo designs and tell us which one they like better.

Some liked “A” and some liked “B” and that was well and fine, but one comment came up that made us think.

"I like “A” but skulls and crossbones aren’t really who we are."

The design got many votes. It has bright orange colours a bold picture and is really well drawn, but for one follower it did not show what his union wanted to say about itself.

We often assist our customers in choosing designs that represent them perfectly in the community.

Our customer service is not just about on-time delivery, help placing orders or money-back guarantees – we invest heavily in original design creation that tells others who you are, what you believe in and what matters to you.

What you offer your members, when you work with NIE Plus is more than a service. It is a chance to be recognized in the community for all the positive things that you do.

One of the things our customers value is the experience we have with design and messaging. For them we work as a resource that they can draw on in order to get it right.

Our product identifies your members and that is a reflection on what you believe in. It is a big deal to offer your members hard hat stickers for the job site. They appreciate it and your good name gets the recognition it deserves.

Today, NIE Plus has expanded its product line. We still make quality custom apparel like hoodies and T-shirts and hats. We still embroider and screen print our custom designs on the clothing articles of your choice, but now we are offering custom cut stickers and window decals along with custom printed signage like banners, yard signs and pop-up displays.

Where once our designs could only be seen in situations where members were present, now through these other media, your message can be seen in many other places like charitable events; at parades; during general meetings and around the hall.

Our aim is to compliment what you are already doing. As a resource, we’ll take the burden off you by discovering what your message is, find out what you stand for, get your preliminary ideas and then make recommendations based on what you need.

NIE Plus suggests that you don’t let your union’s culture get hi-jacked by barnacled old pirates, when strong, safety-minded and community-oriented professionals better show who you really are.

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